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Grades, Report Cards in Infinite Campus Portal
Image says Grades, Progress Reports, Report Cards in Infinite Campus Portal for grades 1-12Reminder: Progress Reports and Report Cards for Grades 1 - 12 will be online in your Infinite Campus Portal. (Only Kindergarten will receive printed Progress Reports and Report Cards).

Directions on how to view your grades, Progress Reports, and Report Cards are below and at

If you haven't set up your Infinite Campus Portal account this year, there are instructions and a "How To" video at

Please contact your school for any questions about progress reports and report cards or for help in setting up your Infinite Campus Portal account.

How To Access Student Grades in Infinite Campus Portal

You can monitor up-to-date grades for your student at any time through the Parent Portal. Please read the directions below carefully and see the image below to learn more.

• Log on to your Parent Portal account through
• If you have more than one student in your account, select a student using the drop-down list at the top of the screen.
• Click the “Grades” link in the left menu.
• You will see your child’s grades listed here.

IMPORTANT: Grades highlighted in YELLOW in example image below are the current, up-to-date averages. These will change as your child’s average changes. Grades highlighted in GREEN in example image below are the grades at the time of progress reports. These will not change.

• Click on the name of a class to see details about the individual assignments and grades that make up the average.

Note: To see archived report cards/progress reports, you can also click on the “Reports” link in the left menu. This will give you access to print-friendly grade reports in PDF format (Adobe Reader required.)
Screenshot of grades in Infinite Campus Portal