2016 - 2017

Open Campus Evening Program Overview

email us at jpurvis@rockdale.k12.ga.us
or call us at 770-388-5727

You must be currently enrolled in a Rockdale County Public School and must not be currently serving a suspension.

Open Campus Evening Program Evening Sessions
All class times are 5:30 p.m. until 7:40 p.m.​
Class Dates

Registration Dates
1 August 22 -   September 20​ August 10 - August 17  (EOCT September 20-21)
September 26 - October 31

September 14 - September 21  (No EOCT courses offered for Session 2)
November 7 - December 12
​October 26 - November 3 (EOCT December 13-14)
​January 9 -
February 6
December 12 - January 4 (EOCT January 24-25) 


February 8 -
March 15

January 25 - February 1 (EOCT March 21-22)
​6 March 20 -
April 20

March 8 - March 15 (No EOCT courses offered for Session 6)
​7 April 24 -
May 18
April12 - April 19 (No EOCT courses offered for Session 7)

The Open Campus evening program offers free online classes for students who need to recover credit for some classes previously taken in high school. Eligible students must be currently enrolled and in good standing at their home high school in Rockdale County.  This program provides an opportunity for students who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to take classes for credit recovery during the day at their home schools.   All students who enroll will need to have parent permission and will be assigned classes based on the recommendation from their home school counselor.  Students are encouraged to discuss their credit recovery plan with their school counselor before registering for the evening program. 

Once the online registration is completed, a parent or legal guardian must attend the first night of the assigned session with their child to complete the enrollment process (This should take approximately 30 minutes). Students will not be allowed to begin their class without the parent/ legal guardian attending the first night of the session to complete the enrollment process. ​

We offer 7 sessions in our evening program during the school year. Students may register for one class per session and enrollment is based on a first come first served basis through the online registration process. Registration for each session closes on the last day of the registration window or until the seats for that session have filled; whichever comes first. Students and/or parents must provide their transportation to and from the Open Campus and students must be committed to attend Open Campus for the entire 16 days or through completion of the course, whichever comes first.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:40 pm.  Students may not be absent for more than 3 class periods and they are responsible for making up any work missed if absent.  Students are encouraged to work from home to insure that they complete their classes in the 16 class periods since additional time is not provided if the course is not completed within the allotted time.

While enrolled, students are held to the highest expectations for conduct, attendance, and decision making.  Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late, violate the code of conduct or the dress code, will be marked absent, may be sent home for the night and may face additional consequences. 

Once students have completed their course, their grades will be posted to their transcripts and a grade report will be sent to their home school. Those who take an EOCT course will be required to take the EOCT exam at the Open Campus before a final grade is posted.

Current Courses Offered
online via Edgenuity.

(Credit Recovery Only)
Literature 9A                 Literature 9B*
Literature 10A               Literature 10B
Literature 11A               Literature 11B *
Literature 12A               Literature 12B

Coordinate Alg A           Coordinate Alg B *
Advanced Alg A             Advanced Alg B
Analytic Geometry A     Analytic Geometry B *
Biology A                         Biology B       
Chemistry A                    Chemistry B
Environ. Sci A                  Environ. Sci B
Phys Sci A CHEM             Phys Sci B PHYSICS*
Government A (9th)         Government B (9th)
Civics/Government (12th) Economics*
US History A                      US History B*
World Geog A                    World Geog B
World Hist A                      World Hist B
Health                                Psychology
EOCT-course requires an End of Course Test to complete the course.​ 

*These courses require an End-of-Course Test.